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IT&T – Developer of advanced methodologies that focus on building solution that converges Security, Technology and Processes. This approach enable customers to benefit from advancement in technologies while considering your current processes. We believe in emergence of Multimodal applications and thus focus our resources in development of Xeric, an Open Architecture Multimodal Surveillance Platform. Solely technology alone cannot be the key differentiator that provides holistic solution for customer. We believe in leveraging on individual with vast experiences in their own field to provide customer with value-added advises. Our team keeps on upgrading themselves and maintaining awareness on security and technology development that benefits you. Instead of bringing just technologies to you, we believed in bridging you to technologies that solve your needs, being customer focus.

IT&T engages on exchanges with our technology partners around the World to integrate cutting-edge technology to our products. Instead of just introducing new technologies, we bring relevant technologies such as workflow, bandwidth and efficiency that address your needs. Technology that seems trivial and simple can make a different in giving you the best and optimum experience. Our project footprint spans across different countries in Asia with network of partners from in 13 countries. This gives us the advantage of having clarity in local business culture to manage project risk as well as ability for rapid project deployment.


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