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Q: I visited this page to find out more about the surveillance cameras in the store I visited.  So whose surveillance cameras are these?
A: The surveillance cameras you were notified about belong to the retailer (or brand) whose store (or in-store area) you visited.

Q: So who is Prism Skylabs?
A: Prism Skylabs is a Retail Analytics service provider that helps companies (e.g. retailers and brands) to monitor their stores or areas to find out what works and what doesn’t work well.  Prism Skylabs does this by using the images from the cameras of the retailer or brand and analyzing the images to produce anonymous aggregated which it then shares with the retailer or brand.

Q: Will Prism Skylabs, the retailer or the brand be able to identify my image and/or identity from the images?
A: No. Neither your image nor your identity will be identifiable from the data produced by Prism Skylabs Prism Skylabs does not store the images.  The images are sent to Prism Skylabs in real-time and are converted, in real-time (i.e. immediately), into anonymous aggregated data.  The images of individuals are removed.  Only anonymous aggregated data is left (e.g. heatmaps) to show, for example: which part of the store people visited the most; which displays were most popular; which day of the week was most popular; and which items were most viewed and subsequently purchased.  Here’s an example of the anonymous aggregated data



 Q: What are the images for?  What is the anonymous aggregated data used for?
A: The images are used by Prism Skylabs only to produce anonymous aggregated data (see previous answer).  The anonymous aggregated data allows retailers and brands to monitor compliance in stores with retailer or brand policies, check inventory levels, measure customer conversion levels, improve operations, find out how customers interact with products, test different store designs and discover new ways to drive customer engagement and improve customer experience and sales.

 Q: Will Prism Skylabs use the images or the anonymous aggregated data for any other purposes?
A: No.

 Q: Who will have access to the images?
A: Only the employees of Prism Skylabs who need access in order to convert the images into the anonymous aggregated data.  [Prism Skylabs is based in California, USA with a Rep office as Prism Skylabs Asia in Singapore].

 Q: Will anyone else have access to the images?
A: No. Prism Skylabs will not give anyone else access to the images. Prism Skylabs does not store the images and does not share the images with anyone else.  You may contact the retailer or brand whose store (or in-store area) you visited, if you would like to check with them that they do not use the images for any other purposes or share the images with anyone else.

 Q: Can I see a copy of the images?
A: No. This is because Prism Skylabs does not store any copies of the images.  The images are immediately converted into anonymous aggregated data. This anonymous aggregated data is shared with the relevant retailer or brand.  This anonymous aggregated data belongs to the relevant retailer or brand.

 Q: Who should I contact for more information?
A: info@inter2tkorea.com

 You may also contact the retailer or brand whose store (or in-store area) you visited.


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