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07 June 2017

Having an important event and considering having facial recognition as an additional layer of security? Relating this to professional services and probably owning those expensive equipment deters you? Required other additional services to compliment your security measures? Contact to find out how our Facial Recognition as a Service and other related services can support […]

Operator Training

17 February 2017

A sharing session was conducted for operator to gain basic working principal of Xeric. Apart from using Xeric dashboard, time was spend in sharing on various factors that affect performance of facial recognition. Questions were being posted and glad that they are paying attention and able to get them right.

Equipping Surabaya’s Juandan International Airport

14 February 2017

Xeric’s team is here this week to equip the facility and train operational user here together with our partner, PT. Datascrip. Customer uses Xeric to provide realtime alert, search and build database to support post investigation efforts if there is a need.

Dell EMC Public Event- Video Surveillance & Analytics: Prevention, Detection, Investigation

26 January 2017

Xeric was shown to a group of invited audience from public sector of Philippine on 25 January 2017. Turnout was very impressive and the whole function room was filled was guest, trying to find out latest offering from DellEMC and their solutioning partners. Xeric is honoured to be invited for this event, giving us the […]

First Factory Inspection & Checking in Seoul Office

18 January 2017

This week, IT&T is welcoming delegates from AngkasaPura to our humble office in Seoul for Factory Inspection & Checking. This marks our first milestone of introducing Xeric to AngkasaPura. We are also looking forward to extend and deepen our working relationship with them in other airports and introducing other analytics that they might need in […]

Introducing Xeric to Philippines – 25 January 2017

05 January 2017

IT&T will be introducing Xeric to audience attending the upcoming Dell EMC event in Manila on 25 January 2017.

Are you trapped in just getting the best analytic engine?

03 October 2016

The challenge that we are seeing around the region (or could be around the World) is that users are chasing after the best analytic engine. Given the best engine and if the performance are still sub-par, what’s next? Find an engine better than the best available? There are many things beyond getting the best engine […]

Facial Recognition Whitepaper

26 August 2016

Facial recognition is both a science as well as an art and definitely more than just getting the best engine. While there are various theories available on getting it correct, it depends on real situation on ground to achieve the intended result. Apart from quality of enrolled and probe images, it is relatively important to […]

Be sure to visit us @ CRExpo 2015 in Shanghai

16 January 2015

We will be showcasing Prism Skylabs & ISD Camera Solution at 20th China (Shanghai) Retail Expo at A0017 from 11~14 March 2015. Be sure to visit us to find out what we have to offer to see more insights of your customer.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

23 December 2014

Time of the year again to consolidate and enjoy ourselves in company of family & friends while getting ready for another great year ahead! IT&T like to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy 2015 ahead!
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