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Prism on camera edge with ISD

04 December 2014

Have you ever have the hassle of thinking what servers to get, cables running around and are the software running properly? We try our best to approach our customer with KISS and giving them the easier way out to get things done. With ISD cameras, we are able to run Prism software on the camera […]

20th China (Shanghai) Retail Expo

25 November 2014

We will be presenting Prism Skylabs at 20th China (Shanghai) Retail Expo 2015. This event will be held at National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) from 11~14 March 2015。 Event Website: 我们将在第20届中国(上海)零售业博览会展示Prism Skylabs为零售商提供的方案。展会将会在2015年3月11至14日在国家会展中心(上海)举行。 展会网页:

How to run your Brick-and-Mortar Store like your Website?

13 November 2014

Question: Just how different is your brick-and-mortar store from your website? Can we manage our physical space similarly to how we manage our virtual space? Answer: Why not? Download to find out, How to run your Brick-and-Mortar Store like your Website?

IT&T in 16th China Retail Industry Convention

06 November 2014

Together with our partner, we were invited to attend 16th China Retail Industry Convention in Fuzhou and presenting Prism to customers.  

The 16th China Retail Industry Convention

30 October 2014

We are attending this convention with one of our partner in Shanghai and promoting Prism for our retailing customers. Do come and look for us when you are there and see how Prism is enabling your business by Keeping It Surprising Simple (KISS).

Surfing at the edge of technologies

29 October 2014

Trying to make things simpler while riding at the edge of technologies? We are introducing some great solutions and products to you shortly. It is still in the cooker getting cooked but we will release bits & pieces for you….stay tuned!

Refresh Look

27 October 2014

IT&T Website just completed a major renovation from our previous version. Apart from having a new and refresh look, we are presenting more products and solutions to enable you and your customers. You can also follow our news and know what is new from the products at this website.

Prism Skylabs in Axis Solution Conference 2014

05 July 2014

Prism Skylabs made an appearance during Axis Solution Conference on 1 July 2014 in Beijing and 4 July 2014 in Shanghai
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