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An emerging leader in networked, edge-based surveillance solutions, Innovative Security Designs (ISD) is pioneering intelligent systems that redefine IP technologies for security, surveillance and business optimization. ISD systems are designed from the ground up for edge-based video processing and recording to deliver new management opportunities and cost efficiencies to customers across the globe.  ISD solutions have been bench tested and approved by leading systems integrators who are redefining standards-based integration for their clients.

IP-based surveillance solutions should be simple to configure and easy to install without sacrificing functionality but traditionally, IP-based surveillance systems are too overly complicated to operate and install without leading to a high-level of frustration for integrators and end users. For IP to reach a level of mass adoption, the industry has to reimagine how IP cameras are configured and deployed to enable users to experience the true benefits and value that IP technologies offer. Only then will the industry benefit from a new level of usability and system performance, while simplifying the path to greater security, new applications, and immediate and long-term ROI.

ISD provides technologies that harness the flexibility and manageability of IP surveillance without limiting the rich features users expect of network-based technologies. ISD devices deliver ease of deployment and effortless system configuration, right out of the box. Our mission is to develop network surveillance cameras that combine high-resolution, IP video with the ease and simplicity normally experienced with traditional analog devices.

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