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Developed in Singapore, Xeric builds on an Open Architecture Multimodal Surveillance Platform that enable you to expand your capabilities and giving you possibilities to solve your challenge. Xeric moves beyond facial recognition, Xeric focus on supporting law enforcement agencies on finding the person they want, Human Identification. Xeric is field proven with huge database in challenging conditions, giving you the assurance on its performance and relevancy to law enforcement agencies. Xeric provides beyond Mechanics, we converge Mechanics to your Processes and Human, addressing your needs holistically.

Xeric provides customer with unparalleled performance in realtime operations, post investigation and scalability to suit for various scenarios. Forensic investigation tools are available on dashboard, enhancing efficiency in performing investigative work. Xeric enable integration to various sensors and analytics, making it an ideal platform that works based on your unique environment and operational needs. Sensors such as Passport Scanner, Facial Recognition, Fingerprint and many more, including non-conventional biometric sensors, can be integrated. Xeric enable the authority to build border security system modularly, determine the impact, adjust operational flow and expand capabilities incrementally.

Xeric Framework works on distributed architecture model that gives you the following advantages:

  • Harnessing IoT Technology, unlimited front end devices that can be easily distributed across different locations with data connectivity to Xeric Services.
  • Smart environment where data are provided to relevant services, correlated, structured and disseminated to those that need it.
  • Xeric framework works as service broker for various back end services which can be distributed to different servers for transparency, reliability, and availability.
  • Xeric architecture is designed to make adding, upgrading and swapping components easy.


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