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Useful Information on Xeric

Facial Recognition is one of the component for Human Identification. Xeric does not limit itself to using single form of sensor such as using Fixed IP Camera to perform Facial Recognition. Xeric’s ability to accept input from varies front-end devices enable us to provide different range of solution:-

  1. Xeric Fixed Solution – enable deployment in a fixed location where pattern and correlation information can be found.
  2. Xeric Mobile – rapid deployment anywhere, increasing element of surprise.
  3. Xeric Wearable – ultimate portability & mobility, realtime facial search anywhere.
  4. Xeric Portable – enabling facial recognition on demand, anywhere, anytime.
  5. Facial Recognition as a Service (FRaaS) together with our network partner, Protective Intelligence Network.

Key Specification:

  • Converts 2D image to 3D for pose correction and facial recognition, without heavy reliance on GPU.
  • Use mugshot, social media images, etc. as watchlist images, keeping your current database.
  • Enabling stream from various sensor IP Cameras, recorded video, webcam, bodyworn camera, etc. enabling possibilities.
  • Live matching of 1 Million Database per second on single 3.0GHz core.
  • Fast matching in excess of >10 Million Database per second.
  • Template size of 128bytes
  • Yaw of +/-60deg, Pitch of +/-20deg, Roll of +/-30deg
  • Recognition of age differences images in excess of 10 years apart.*
  • Realtime data analytic that performs index, search and alert of collected data on single dashboard, hassle free.
  • Xeric Digital forensics and investigation provide powerful Data At Rest.
  • Analytics and Search engine on massive amount of collected data.
  • Scalability and flexibility in deployment to match your operational needs, get what you need.

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Additional Information

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