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Xeric Multimodal Surveillance Platform


Developed in Singapore, Xeric Multimodal Surveillance Platform provides customer with unparalleled performance in realtime operations, post investigation and scalability to suit for various scenarios. Xeric enable integration to various sensors and analytics, making it an ideal platform that works based on your unique environment and operational needs. Sensors such as Passport Scanner, Facial Recognition, Fingerprint and many more, including non-conventional biometric sensors, can be integrated. Xeric enable the authority to build border security system modularly, determine the impact, adjust operational flow and expand capabilities incrementally.

Customer’s unique requirement, site limitations and intended outcome are being gathered and Xeric provides solution that bland into their existing workflow. Xeric wants to achieve 2 main considerations: -

  1. Using existing hardware where possible, so as to reduce usage, cost of purchase and turnaround time for changing them.
  2. Minimised change in customer’s operational processes to quickly and effective achieve their intended outcome. As opposed to purchasing a product, customer might need to drastically change their processes to suit this product.

Future system must provide operators with ease of deployment, getting access of information from different locations and managing information centrally. Managing information such as database centrally enable better physical security control, efficient use of manpower and reduction in time to push time-sensitive information across the national. Xeric’s architecture includes a XPro Server which is a Centralised Database Server. This enable processing of data centrally and enable secure and ease of accessing information. Xeric remove the need for proprietary products which could be relatively costly, replacing it with COTS products whenever is possible.

Database that are being built over time are important assets that should be retain and use when upgrading to a more capable platform. Take example facial recognition, highly accurate 3D Facial Recognition system required proprietary hardware which is relatively higher in cost. Enrolment need to be conducted as conventional 2D images cannot be reused, resulting in unusable historical database. Xeric is able to convert existing 2D images into 3D wire mesh for matching, enabling use to conventional images on an advance piece of engine.

Xeric was developed and tested rigorously in Singapore, supported by a team of Facial Recognition experts in USA & UK. Regionally, Xeric team has been working with governments of Korea, Malaysia and Singapore while expanding our reach to places such as Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar and Indonesia. The team is working on upgrading system of existing customers to Xeric, enabling them to leverage on latest technology.

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